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Discount Decking and Landscaping Supplies

Don't Get Done, Get Discount!

Built to last, engineered to perform, maximum energy efficiency & quality assured!

Discount hot tubs come from a family owned and operated business, who manufacture hot tubs and spas in the Midlands - the heart of the UK. Our high performance spas are unique in the way they have been designed, built, engineered and insulated. You are assured of purchasing a quality product as we only use the very best components and latest technology, all backed up by a manufacturers warranty that’s administered and serviced from the UK.

UK Manufactured Performance Hot Tubs

Our tubs are renowned for their design and manufacture which produces hard wearing hot tubs. We are undoubtedly the market leaders in portable spa technology, offering the only truly portable, smooth, high performance, low maintenance spas of this kind at affordable prices. All our spas are totally purpose built and engineered for the reality of daily use. The tough integrated moulding will not crack, split, blister or deteriorate and the low maintenance exterior finish will look good for years to come.

We use RIM technology to create an unique UK manufactured product with a specification second to none. Spa set up has never been easier and economical running costs mean you can enjoy your hot tub any time - simply whisk the cover off and immerse yourself in water temperatures of up to 40°c - a fantastic feeling after a long day, particularly in winter months.